New business consulting SERVICES


Preparation and planning of your new specialty coffee business will increase your odds of success and help you to avoid costly mistakes that will save you investment dollars and operational inefficiencies. Our talented team of seasoned professionals can help you achieve your vision, from concept to opening day and beyond.

Concept and Brand Development


Successful restaurant entrepreneurs and corporate chains offer their clients a unique experience, making them want to come back, time and time again. The total experience becomes the brand. The brand protects your investment by differentiating your Café from your current and future competition, so your business can thrive for years to come. It also create the opportunity for you to duplicate your brand with additional stores. This service includes:

    • Two- hour telephone consultation reviewing your ideas and vision.

    • Written articulation of your vision and review of possible ways to achieve brand.

    • Review of target clientele and menu.

    • Draft of menu to enhance concept.

    • Three-hour telephone consultation with our skilled interior designer, working with you to finalize interior colors, fixture look & rough detail, lighting, furniture and murals to wow your clientele.

    • Review of all logos and signage so that the entire concept is interlinked to brand.

    • Review of the bar design and layout to ensure that it is tied to the concept.

    • Build a list of equipment and associated cost.

    • Create a written estimate of Bar construction, Interior cost, flooring, painting, fixture cost, lighting cost, furniture cost, small wares, specialty beverage and coffee brewing equipment, health department required sinks, startup inventory and design cost.

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Coffee bar design and Equipment layout


This service is perfect if you already have your concept and brand developed and want to have your coffee bar designed for operational efficiency, where we incorporate your menu and specific equipment into the design to minimize labor cost and provide best service opportunities for your staff. First we will discuss the two philosophies of customer flow and upon our direction will then design the overall layout and equipment plan for your business and it will be ready to hand off to your local architect or draft person for initial layout. This is not a working construction drawing, but is a drawing that focuses on ergonomic, workflow, Customer flow and placement of key equipment, storage and refrigeration. The actual equipment and specification will come at a later date.

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Equipment, Small-Wares and Vender Selection


Service Includes two 60 minute discussions, first to determine the scope of equipment needs, budget, and consumables needed. Also geographical requirements, equipment priorities, options and tradeoffs related to price and budget and a second discussion of top brands and models including tradeoffs and advantages and service related issues, so that your best choices are comfortably made. We also include a list of typical coffee bar equipment and small wares as a vender list with contact information.

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Menu Development Package and Beverage Guides


We work with you to develop and finalize a beverage and food menu including hot, cold and frozen beverages, signature drinks, and food and retail items. All items will be priced using a formulation to ensure the margin is the best balance between profitability and competitiveness. We will work with you to logically organize all menu items, price them based on total cost, showing margin options for your evaluation and final determination.

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Ten Reasons why the new coffee shop owner should attend the Seattle Barista Academy


  • Because you - the most valuable asset in your business – need to invest in your coffee knowledge and skills - to be a successful coffee shop owner.

  • Because we know that our graduates save and earn up to $60,000 more the first year after attending the Academy.

  • Because whether you are a coffee shop owner, manager, or barista you want to maximize and grow sales and business profits.

  • Because to learn from the successes and mistakes of others is less expensive in the long run than learning at your own expense.

  • Because you want to enhance your overall coffee experience and that of your customers.

  • Because by gaining knowledge through hands-on training at the SBA you will build loyal customers and staff.

  • Because you want to create the best service for your customers.

  • Because our Seattle Barista Graduates consistently give our training five star ratings.

  • Because coming to Seattle - the Coffee Capital of the United States - to train and to experience the coffee culture is like going to Paris to see the art or Holland to see the flowers….simply wonderful.

  • Because we are so convinced that you will be happy with your training at the Seattle Barista Academy that if you are not - your money will be refunded in full. How’s that for confidence in our educational product.

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