our approach to training

THe art of teaching is the art of assisted discovery

We believe that the absolute best way to learn is through hands-on practice. One of the unique features of Seattle Barista Academy is that we limit the size of our professional courses to ensure a one-on-one, high-quality teaching experience. We offer the best of espresso education in a state of the art facility, located near Seattle, the Coffee Capital.    

Our professional courses are both expansive and in-depth, providing our students with a solid foundation of barista training, espresso education and understanding of the specialty coffee industry. During our training, you will:

· Receive instruction from the industry's top baristas and coffee professionals

· Learn on  commercial espresso machines and a variety of high-quality espresso grinders

· Acquire skills on the latest manual brewing techniques

· Experience firsthand the latest innovations in brewing methods and drink presentations 

· Tour Seattle's best coffee shops and roasters  

· Discover proven management and operation techniques

· Learn bar ergonomics and work flow strategies to optimize customer service and reduce cost

· Make the best purchasing decisions by understanding what equipment options and features are available

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certified professional courses

Barista Fundamentals, Iced Beverages, Seattle Cafe Tour & Operations and Consulting Package

5 days / 8:30am-4:30pm   $2,595 for one person

 ( $2, 221 per person for two; $1, 971 per person for three; $1, 761 per person for four or more)

This course builds on Days 1-4 and continues on:

Continued barista skills training, bar/equipment layouts, lease negotiations, design requirements, inventory control, food/beverage costing, margin analysis, business opportunity review including carts, mobile vehicles, espresso drive-thrus and cafes.

What's included:

• Seattle Barista Academy Training Manual

• Operations Manual • Lunch • All beverages on tour

• Seattle Barista Academy Certificate of Completion

Weekend Barista Fundamentals: Gaining Command of the Variables - 1 Day

1 DAY / 8:30AM-4:30PM   $655 for one person

This course is a one day intensive barista skills class that covers the fundamentals, including seed to cup education, palate development, bean grinding, dosage techniques, coffee distribution, leveling and tamping; using scales to dial in the ideal espresso shot, espresso theory, extraction and profiling; milk theory, milk steaming and latte art and the basics of equipment maintenance; as well as the work flow and ergonomics. You will have the experience of working with commercial espresso grinders and espresso machines.

What's included:

• Seattle Barista Academy Training Manual 

• Lunch

• Seattle Barista Academy Certificate of Completion


2 DAYS / 8:30AM-4:30PM   $1,095 for one person

( $946 per person for two;  $830 per person for three or more)

This course builds on Day 1 and continues on:

Parameters of espresso extraction and milk steaming, advanced latte art skills, pour over techniques and brewing parameters, using Chemex, Aeropress and French Press, core drink building - Espresso and Americano, Latte, Cappuccino and Macchiato, signature flavored drinks and smoothies, practicing efficiency and presentation of all drinks in various sizes, in-depth barista ergonomics and espresso machine and equipment maintenance.

What's included:

• Seattle Barista Academy Training Manual

• Lunch

• Seattle Barista Academy Certificate of Completion

home barista courses

espresso extraction and milk steaming fundamentals

3 hours / 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm   $195 for one person

Come to our introduction class that covers the basics of espresso extraction and milk steaming fundamentals used in latte art! In this 3-hour course, you will learn how to extract espresso and diagnose taste problems, how to steam milk properly with tips and recipes for competition quality espresso beverages, and machine maintenance. The course offers a hands-on experience using several popular home and commercial machines and grinders.


3 hours / 1pm-4pm   $115 for one person

In this class, you will master the skills of pouring a heart, rosetta, or your own ‘special art form’ to take home and practice! This class is perfect for beginning and intermediate baristas wishing to gain more control of their skill set using milk theory and steaming for ideal beverage presentation. Learn about the unique relationship between espresso and milk and how professional baristas use this relationship to pour delightful latte art. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and understanding to put into practice all the skills learned on our commercial equipment.

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